WTS: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (Brand New / Unopened)


whats your paypal?


PM’d you.


Do NOT refund a buyers money because they didn’t gift you the money. SRK recommends buyers to not use that option, and you can’t refuse someone who won’t. Otherwise you will not sell your items here anymore.


Ah, my bad. Didn’t know that was against the rules. I just read online that that was how to not get charged by Paypal; didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. My apologies. It won’t happen again.


Eightarc is up for sale again!

I’ll be posting some Sanwa 30mm buttons either later today or tomorrow.


Everything’s been sold! I’ll update this thread once I have more stuff to sell.


Congratulations on your sales,hope to see more good deals from you in the future.


payment sent!! stuff arrived today!!!


New Item!




Updated again!


Price drop!


if this would’ve been for the ps3, I would’ve considered. free bump


Bump. Price drop.


Dropped again.


New item! Grab it while it’s available!


Awaiting payment.

Buyer backed out. Up for grabs again!


Price drop to $160 shipped!

Again, it’s unopened / factory sealed!