WTS: Awesome CFW PSP-Go 32GB System set! Full-Screen TV output

$168 shipped.

For sale here is a great PSP-Go system set. This unit has custom firmware installed, 6.20 Pro-B5(no download games or Emus included), and with the included full-screen adapter & PS3 controller, can be used on your Tv just like a console.

Portable or consolized gameplay? Its all up to you.

Condition: System has only had one adult owner and is still like new. Controls function perfect, zero scratches on the casing, screen has zero blemishes or dead pixels and is vibrant and high quality.

The only item here that is not in immaculate condition is the PS3 controller. Was bought used at a gamestop, and is a bit worn. Still functions nicely though.

Set includes:

[]Peal White PSP-Go system w/Original Box
]16GB built-in flash memory
[]Charger & USB cable
]Protective clear crystal case(system is inside case in the picture)
[]16GB Sandisk M2 card- For a total of 32GBs of space(about 29.2GBs usable)
]Protective Carrying case
[]Full-Screen adapter: Lets you connect by component to a Tv to play in full-screen(charges Go at the same time)
]Black PS3 Controller- Bluetooth assigned for use on the Go system
Note- The full-screen adaptor can be powered either through a USB comp port(cable included), or with a PSP-2000/3000 AC adapter(not included).

Great deal! A new PSP-Go would be about $130 retail, plus almost $100 included in accessories.

Full-screen adapter- $48
16GB M2 card- $20
Official used PS3 Controller- $30
Clear hard case- $2.00
Carry Case- $2.00

It should also be noted that the Full-screen adapter has been out of stock for quite some time on the only site i’ve ever seen selling it. May or may not be discontinued:


Gameplay on Tv utilizing the Full-screen adapter+Wireless PS3 controller is virtually seamless to the console experience.

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Bump, really a good deal. Once you track down some emulators for this thing it’ll really blow you away.

Is this still available?