WTS: Axis Gaming - Custom Stick Case! $99

Hey Guys,

Today we have something a little different for you!

** For Sale:** (Jap Style) Green Maple Case - $99 Shipped

For Purchase Inquires Please E-Mail us at: AxisCustoms@hotmail.com


Hardwood Case (Maple)
Pre-Cut and Routed Space for:
-6 Playbuttons on face (fits all 30mm Sanwa or Seimetsu Buttons)
-2 System Buttons on right side (fits any 24mm Sanwa or Seimetsu Buttons)
-1 Sanwa JLF Joystick (ONLY FITS A SANWA JLF) (mounting screws and nuts included)
No-Slip Rubber Feet On the Bottom
Pre-cut PlexiGlass for top and bottom
Fits 8x12 Artwork (ask for details if you would like us to make you some!)


Does the 99 include shipping and will the stick take a Seimitsu LS-32 at the corrrect height?

This one is JLF ONLY, sorry
And its + Shipping, but if youre close to california, I might throw it in!

the box looks nice I would have bought it if it was red or white dam.

you have a nice house.

Is it just me? I don’t see any pictures.

its just you, i can see the pics very clearly.

Weird. I’ve been on 3 different computers at 3 different locations and don’t see pics on any of them.

dude, he fucking does.