WTS: AxisGaming Custom Sticks *No Open Slots*

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the confusion left in this thread vs the thread title, we are CLOSED at the moment and are not taking any orders.

The good news however is that we will be back at it come sometime in July!

Thanks and Sorry for the confusion,

-Travis :: Axis Gaming

Purple Birdseye Maple Jap Case $85 Shipped (Free Shipping in continental United States Only)
Mitered Hardwood Case (Birdseye Maple)
Precut Plexiglass for Bottom and Top
Rubber feet
Any 6 Jap 30mm Buttons on top
Any 2 Jap 24mm Buttons on side
Sanwa JLF Only

[Price Drop!] Custom Paduk Sagat Stick (Wired for PS2): $170 Shipped (Mainland US)

Custom Green Mirror Stick (Wired for PS2):** SOLD

Green Maple Jap Case - SOLD (continental US)

Previous Work:**

That Akuma stick looks pretty cool. How about some general info for everyone. Do you use Happ, Seimitsu, Sanwa parts?

Also, what about prices (or a range). Also, any other pics?

That stick looks pretty nice… do you have any others that you could show off?

Higher resolution images would be nice… it’s kind of tough to see the stick’s details.

Actually, it looks like they are hi-res images. If you right-click on one of the images and select “View Image” it’ll show a high-res version. Not sure why you can’t just click on the images :confused:

Anyway, nice stick!

all the info is on the site (although its still being built) but it would be a good idea to put that info in here too :wink: edits inc above

the stick looks great, and your website looks pretty professional. good luck! :tup:

How much is the akuma stick?

Oh, yeah, you’re right-- good call, thanks. It’s not really standard practice to embed downsized images that aren’t thumbnails, I was a bit confused.

I actually just got back from delivering it (got a local order) as i read your post :sweat: Price came out to be $159, plus a $1 “delivery charge”, and by charge i mean we played a few games and I stole a drink from him :wink:

Also, just because its been asked in a bunch of e-mails ill address it here because I got a HUGE influx of questions and helpful comments from SRK Specifically (and I love it). I started out doing this in my spare time and selling them only locally via craigslist and all the pictures were sent via e-mail or in tiny thumbnails; and about 3-4 months ago I got a nice pretty blue screen of death and lost all my pics (that were on the computer I didnt have backed up :sad:) so im currently working on contacting some old buyers to see if theyd be kind enough to send me some of those pictures back. So more info coming soon!

How much more for an xbox 360 stick, what material do you make your sticks out of, and do you accept money orders?

Yes I can make 360 sticks, price would depend on what controller i would use; some people are really really strict in wanting the official pads so that makes it more expensive. In my experience when it comes to padhacking and modding sometimes the 3rd party controllers are better, it is just a pcb after all :rolleyes:
Ps1 is a really good example of this, if its not exactly the right model the ‘pcb’ with the buttons and d-pad on it is made of a very thin flimsy plastic and will melt the instant an iron hits it.
SO NOW THAT IM DONE RAMBLING I SHOULD ANSWER THE QESTION HUH? :looney: Basically it just costs whatever the controller costs; so Microsoft ones (wired) would be about +$40 (best buy price if anyone knows where to get them cheaper let me know :wgrin:) 3rd party would be somthing in the range of +$25. But nomatter what the platform I always try to make sure that they stay BELOW $200

And Lastly, I perfer paypal, but money orders and checks are fine, but I cant start building the stick till the money order is cashed or the check fully clears, so it makes it take a little longer but im willing to work with it =).

Thanks again,


Damn I missed a question in there, my standard sticks are made of MDF but can be made of Hardwood upon request, the price increase would depend on what wood you want: Bubinga or wenge would be more than say poplar or somthing like that…just let me know what you want and well work somthin out!

wow just wanted to mention i live in danville if you are looking to play some games with someone local.

nice site and good luck with your sales. :tup:

rofl, i actually live in danville… it just usually seems that more people know where san ramon/walnut creek are so i usually list them so i dont have to explain =P :rofl:

i live off brookside if you know where that is

in response to alot of e-mails ive been getting there is a pic of a stick i just finished on the front page of my site, check HERE

Thanks guys,

why does it look like the buttons are more spread out than the normal sanwa type layout?

Theyre the same as my last stick, but the box is a bit smaller which might make it seem that way by comparison? :wonder: Plus theyre seimetsu buttons so that might make them look a little different as well.

email sent sir.



Ive been getting alot of questions about how I do the artwork on these sticks;
things like “How do you mount your lexan?” and "Is the wood in a plastic case?"
Pics at top of the page

Well the answer is that I actually have opted out of using lexan alltogether, in my experience it cracks, it scratches and isnt all that bulletproof for the way people play these games (at least how i play lol, ive been known to throw my controller down when i get a light punch in the face that cancells out my raging demon:arazz:) So instead I actually use a resin to cover the top or in the case of the toshiro stick the entire box.      

And to answer the next quesion im sure to get: Resin is basically the stuff that you will find on tabletops in resturants. Its as durable as it gets, pretty to look at and waterproof, a really really good combonation for this application IMO.


If i wanted to order the Toshiro stick with Happ parts ( bat and buttons have to be aligned instead of ascending) how much would it cost? How fast could you get it to me? i live in Socal. Please shoot me a pm

Nice sticks, hopefully you get lots of orders.

I have some sticks of my own so I am not interested, but I was just curious what the dimensions of you sticks are. I didnt see it listed anywhere in your posts or on the website.