WTS b15sdm Dee Jay stick

Looking to clear some stuff out, US residents and paypal only…

Hate to get rid of this, price is firm… I have no problem holding on to this bad boy…


B15sdm Custom Dee Jay Stick wired for 360. This is a masterpiece to look at, and works like a charm. Just looking to get back what I paid for it. Price is firm at $240, these sell much higher on the website! Check the website for better pics, my cam sucks and does not do this justice!
B15SDM Designs- Custom Arcade Stick Builder
– it’s under examples

Thanks Lefty, very true. This is his compact design, approx measurements are 11" x 8.5" x 2".

Pm me if interested :rock:

I’ll take the Dark Hai’s buttons. Please send paypal.

I’ll take the bat top. Pm sent

If I played deejay, I would buy that in an instant.

It’s also worth noting that the B15 stick is much smaller than his other sticks which makes it a bit more rare being that he doesn’t make too many of the small ones.

$240 shipped for the B15 stick? I can ask my boy if he’s interested in it, he’s been wanting to get one from him. i’ll hit you up and let you know what he says.

EDIT: He wants to know what the case is made out of. Wood, right?

Yea, wood. This things a beaut…

Wow, that is a sexy stick at a very reasonable price for that quality. What layout are the buttons, is it viewlix?

He said he wants it, but he can’t afford it right now. He’s gonna have to pass.

It’s beautiful, but he said that if he’s gonna get one from B15 he’d rather get one that he wants specifically. Oh well, i can respect that.

Vewlix, yes.

Last bump for now, otherwise i’ll hold on to this for a little bit.