WTS: Ball Tops, Inexpensive Case, etc (PLEASE CLOSE)

I have a bunch of parts I want to get rid of, I’ll try to make sure everything is reasonably priced. No min order, please don’t ask to break up stuff into individual buttons though, and just add five dollars for the priority usps shipping (continental US only, please). Click pics for full size!

edit: these larger items are gonna need a little more for shipping, I’ll make sure to get your order weighed and the shipping calculated before payment =)

6 Sanwa OSBF-30 Vermillion buttons - $12 (SOLD)
6 Sanwa OSBF-30 White buttons (Used) AND 2 Sanwa OSBF-30 Dark Hai buttons (Used) - $12 (SOLD)
3 Sanwa OSBF-24 White buttons (2/3 are used) - $4 (SOLD)
Bat Tops - have 2 black available (with adapter) - $4 each (SOLD)
Random button bag - 22 used buttons for 11 dollars! These were pulled from an SE, hori wii fightstick and a namco ps1 stick. Were still functioning prior to removing. (SOLD)
Namco stick pcb - was working when I removed it, all buttons should be available, sold as-is - $8 (SOLD)
8 Sanwa OSBN-30 Green buttons - $16 (SOLD)
Custom compact PS3/pc Stick - (SOLD)
Pactec Enclosure for sale - (SOLD)
Modded xbox 360 SE Stick - (TRADED).

Please close! Shits sold!

Bump, dropped prices, added the random button bag.

crap crap crap. never mind, something came up.

pm’d for 2 black bats and clear bubble =)

pmed for the white and dark hai sanwa buttons

i just want one bat top

I apologize for that ken, I wish I could have caught that sooner. Maybe I might be able to provide you with something else in the future =)

Namco pcb being added

dibs on the namco pcb.

I will take the 8 green sanwas. PM sent

To all the dudes I’ve been in contact with, I forgot tomorrow was labor day, so shipping goes out on tuesday.

I was wanting PCB from Namco Arcade Stick.
So what does item “On Hold” mean?

someone called it via pms (they were buying several other things) and im awaiting payment. ill take it off hold tonight though, if the paypal doesnt come through

PMed you!

All I got left are the balltops guys. I might close the thread after I get stuff shipped out since I doubt anyone just wants to buy random solid colored balltops.

added a new item!

I wanted to try those Cases too.
Would you cut the Buttons Holes for Buyer?

what you mean will sell for 15? for that case?

pm’d for interest in case =)

I dont really have time atm to cut the extra holes, I apologize =/

dam should of pm’d you for the case instead of posting.