WTS: Balltop Sticks Buttons



thats weird the pictures arent showing

You have to post a price & you may also want to list exactly what you are getting with the purchase so there is no confusion.

its random stuff its kinda hard to price these things

i’ll give you 25 bucks shipped for all that random stuff.

The Turbo button? How much?

is 17$bucks fair?

nooo! sell me all the stuff for 25, then i can sell it to him for 17 bucks…lol…

doesn’t look like i’ll be getting my random box of parts…

oh and btw i never did this before but how do i get the payment on paypal,cause im use to doing this on Ebay :slight_smile:

have you signed up for paypal? that would be a start, you need a credit card, and then you have to wait to get verified then you can accept payments and pay people…

sorry lol but i need some cash so i can buy a new stick

that’s fine, it was an impulse buy anyways…i really don’t need anything at the moment…well except a PS360…but no one has those anyways.

well i have a paypal account but i never sold on SRK just ebay

So people just pay you direct, it’s not linked to an ebay transactions, that’s about it…as long as you don’t ask to receive the money as a “gift” people are fine paying you, and then you just ship their stuff out.

You just give people your email, they send money to that email. You send stuff out. Life is fun.

You can recreate the thread with prices for everything. We don’t do “make me an offer” here.