WTS: Barious Playstation Game Pads


PS2 Dual Shock Translucent Blue Color, asking $15 for this.



PS2 Neo-Geo Pad 2, asking $40 shipped.



I am currently only shipping to within the US and I only accept payment via PayPal.

Stick Purchased: PLEASE CLOSE

Lowered prices.


Modded Madcatz SE has been sold.


New item added, another PS3 Madcatz SE which has been modded with sanwa parts.


Still shipping to US only?


Yeah still USA only, shipping is just too much outside of the USA and I’m not sure how much extra it would be. Although if you are interested in buying, I can get an estimate from my post office.


Picture of the new SE?


The one posted is the new one.


Price reduced on the Madcatz SE


Price reduced again on the SE.


Do you still have the original art?


I do not.


What would you charge for shipping to Canada? Postal code N1G 4T6.


How much for shipping to 30905?


Lol I’m dumb. $55 shipped? Any issues? If not, I’ll take it.


Madcatz SE has been sold.