WTS: Battlefield bad company 2 (PS3) WTS:"ON EBAY" NBA 2k10

Selling a copy of battlefield bad company 2, Got it a week ago and barely even played it. Got a friend that works for EA and he’s willing to give me a copy for the 360 for 35 dollars shipped.

So i’m selling this copy for 35 bucks + shipping and handling. Paypal only. If noone claims it till next monday i’ll have no choice but to put it on ebay (which i’ll prob. get a better deal at). I just don’t want to wait 7 days for the auction to end.

If you need pics of the game, ask and i’ll try to post some as soon as i can. I would have pics but i wasn’t planning on selling the game, just got more friends playing the game on 360 and i’m tired of the ps3 servers always dropping

It’ll be shipped by USPS, only willing to deal with those residing in the U.S.


Selling NBA 2k10 on ebay. Pic of the product and link to the auction below. Fly A$$ Philly eagle jacket not included.

NBA 2K10 (PS3) - eBay (item 140403524832 end time May-06-10 09:22:32 PDT)