WTS: "Big Blue" SFII CE cab w/ monitor probs (update price drop+ partial monitor fix)

-Capcom “big blue” arcade cab (pretty sure it’s original, it’s got a silvery capcom sticker above the back panel
-all wiring is in tact, JAMMA w/ cps1 kick harness
-I believe the marquee is original, it was there when I got it, but I can’t be 100% that it’s not a repro
-repro bezel artwork
-repro side art
-brand new happ buttons and cherry switches just installed for original red/white/blue color scheme (video still shows old buttons)
-SFII CE board I believe is a gray market. You can see in the vid I post below, the opening screen says it’s made in taiwan or something, and the main screen says " Hung Hsi" at the bottom. However, it is not one of the rainbow or other wacky versions though, as far as I can tell it plays exactly like normal CE.

The real issue is the monitor. it’s got some issues like the reds are usually dropped out which makes anything red look very dark. Sometimes the character sprites (or part of them) show this weird color variation (almost like some inversion?) which doesn’t show up as well in the vid, but you can kind of see it on geif. When it first starts up it’s even darker, but once it’s been on for a while most of the colors look fine except the reds issue and the blinking.

UPDATE: I’ve identified part of the monitor trouble. I’ve fixed it so all the colors now show, however the fix is just a hack it doesn’t solve the root of the problem. The problem appears to be a loose connection where the jamma connector meets the monitor chassis. It may be a bad solder joint or something- but I’m not really comfortable messing with monitor stuff as I have no experience with that and dont’ want to mess it up. For right now I’ve just mounted the cord down so it doesn’t jiggle around or anything, and that seems to have solved the color problem. See the video bellow to tell the difference between now and the old vid. The issue with the blinking color variation still comes and goes though. If you’d like a picture of the area with the problem/fix let me know.

Video after figuring out monitor issue and making short term fix:

Before videos

I live about 20 min outside of the Seattle, WA area. Local pickup would be preferred, but if anyone is looking to have it shipped, they’d have to pay for and arrange everything with shipping company themselves. I’m not looking to load or drive the cab anywhere- just have it picked up right out of my garage. Selling as-is, the videos should show pretty clearly that it works and the extent of the monitor issues. If you’re worried about any damage in transit, you’ll have to get shipping insurance yourself to guard against that. Price is obo, but these terms are non-negotiable

Price drop
Asking $375 obo.


Looks good, and good luck selling it, though I did not see a price. You can’t do offers here, so you must post a price, but you can say OBO, or Or Best Offer, and work from there :wink:

yeah, you are right- and I did mention that in the original post. I do know most of the selling rules, but I sometimes see people do ‘intrest checks’ without listing a price, so I wasn’t sure what the rule was around that. Those are usually service based things though…

Edited original sale post with an estimate on the high end of what I think it’s worth. Like I said, reasonable offers will be accepted if it becomes clear that people think it’s not worth that.

Yea its no problem, though the Interest check is limited to just seeing if people are “interested” on what you sell. The moment you intend to sell it, then yea, a price is needed even on a service.

I love your AV, I don’t recall if you are the only one that had it all these years in SRK, but every time I see, and every time I play Dictator and am sitting on a couch that pops into my head, go figure lol.

haha, I think I was the first (only?) one to have it- I originally got a lot of comments on it- but I couldn’t take credit for the idea. I got it from some little 3 panel comic I found while surfing. All I did was make it animated :slight_smile: Those legs do crack me up tho haha.


Added new pics after adding side art and switching out old buttons for new happs/cherry switches
Found cause of part of monitor issues. Short term fix made, but buyer would still need to investigate further and/or implement the permanent fix (I believe this probably just consists of checking/reseating pins and maybe solder reflow on r/g/b/sync connector on the chassis.
Added video to show the difference

see original post for update details

Beautiful, I love this machine arcade, and yours looks awesome. I hate live so far from the U.S., otherwise i’d buy it immediately. Good luck with your sale.

getting ready for weekend bump…

erniebody?.. If you’re comfortable discharging/working around monitors, you got yourself a great cab on the cheap!

Damn this looks so fucking nice. I wish I had some money to buy it. I wanna add it to my collection. And also I live in LA:( I’m always looking for this type of cab. I love it. It’s my favorite. It’s perfect.

Hi manman. I sent you a PM about it.

potential sale didn’t go through- still available

This is so friggin’ cheap, if I had a job and a credit card I’d be tempted so I could be cool xD