WTS: Black Painted QCF Gaming case


Hey guys,

Here is a painted case that I was making for someone, but I didn’t make the paint job as good as I wanted.

I would say it’s a still pretty good paintjob, but there are some minor imperfections. For example, it’s perfectly smooth to touch and everything, but at certain angles with certain lighting, you can see some spots where I didn’t make the wood level so you can see some pits. You can see some in the pictures below. (3rd picture).

Also, with the sanding part, it you can see the roughness of the wood. I don’t really know how to explain it, but the pictures don’t show it. However, it’s still perfectly smooth to touch.

Edit: Has 3 24mm recessed holes in the back, 1 neutrik USB hole, 8 button vewlix. Fits Sanwa JLF flat - mounting plate.

I’m looking to get $55 + $10 shipping.


Still up for grabs.


Still up for grabs.

I am looking for one like this however … can u fit a RJ-45 neutrik adapter there or only USB???