WTS: Black XBOX 360 Slim with Madcatz MVC3 Arcade Stick and Games


I’m looking to sell the items below as a bundle. I may consider selling the TE independently, but not the games, controllers, and console. PM me if you have any questions.

**Black XBOX 360 Slim Console (4GB) - $240 **

 Comes with power cord and standard AV cables.
 Comes with two controllers. One is black (wired) and one is white (wireless).
 Comes with keyboard connection for controller.
 Comes with COD:MW3; UMVC3; and KOF:XIII.
 Installed on the console is Banjo Kazooie; SF III: Third Strike; SF II; MVC2; MVC: Origins; X-Men (arcade version); Scott Pilgrim; and The Simpsons.

Madcatz MVC3 TE (360) - $100

 Comes with stick only. Box is in great condition, but I'll have to charge extra for that since it will cost more to ship. 

Buy as bundle for $300 shipped.

Prices include shipping to continental US.


How much for the mvc3 te alone?


$100 shipped without the box.


PM sent