WTS: blank case, Voltech Slim, LS56, xbox360 games, joystick parts, misc items


Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (xbox 360) - Asking $100(stock), or $120 with 8 Sanwa OBSF(6 green, 2 pink, green bubble top) + s/h USA ONLY



Socket 939 amd with it’s DFi motherboard. It’s a Lanparty UT model. The CPU is 3200mhz i believe, along with it’s heatsink, ram(2 x 1gb ddr 3-4-4-6 timing). I’m selling everything as is. This stuff was pulled from my old PC and i have no way of testing it. The ram and heatsink is guaranteed to work. As for the cpu and mobo, I don’t know lol. - $50

Gameboy Color with Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. The gameboy is missing the battery cover but other then that, everything works perfectly. - $30

Blank 8 button layout case. Needs paintwork, and buttons. - $35
This case is made to use a LS-56 which I also have.

The same case with LS-56-01, octo gate, and wiring harness $55
Will throw in stock madcatz second edition buttons, all 8, if you get this altogether.

Xbox 360 Games:
Rock Band(original) complete set with game - $50
Grand Theft Auto IV (mint condition) - $15
Mass Effect(minor scratches, works great though) - $15

Misc. -
Sanwa GT-Y (octo gate) $3.50 +s/h (pending)
Seimitsu LS-56-01 comes with wiring harness, octo gate, and yellow balltop - $25 (pending)

Voltech SLIM blank case - Maple wood, Universal layout, clear plexi bottom, VERY SOLID case craftmanship. This thing is amazing. - $100

All items are OBO, DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING and USA ONLY (unless you pay for the shipping)
Feel free to contact me by either PM or email: ihpsta@gmail.com I have access to both all time except when I’m sleeping. Prices are negotiable.
Local pickups are welcomed!

Edit: added pictures for Hori Real Arcade Pro EX
Edit (7/29) added couple items and price drop

is the ls-56 a round or octo gate also do you have pictures?

It’s an octo gate, same one from lizardlick.com and the LS-56 as well. I edited the post to say “octo” gate.


Added some new items and price drop as well.

pmed you about the blank case

Are you willing to sell the RAM alone? If so, how much?

Can I get a picture of the Hori? PM me.

Nesk - I’ll have to get back to you on that.

vegavak - Ya I can do that once i get home.


Hori stick is sold to Vegavak.

oh hi there

need to get rid of asap

Looking for any trades? Slightly used Sanwa JLF w/white ball top for your LS56?

No trades atm, thanks for the offer though!

Emailed you at your requested email address please respond :slight_smile:

PMs and emails replied.

Added my Voltech SLIM maple case. Very sad to see it go =(

up you go

got a picture of the voltech?