WTS: Blank Japanese Case


This is a mini-Red Octane box made using Byrdo’s blueprints. It’s made of MDF and put together with wood glue. There was primed and has 1 or 2 coats of white spray paint with no finish on it. It’s part of a scrapped project of mine and I didn’t get around to finishing it.

It’s been routed for a mounting plate / snap in buttons. Top is plexi that still has it’s sticker cover. Plexi may need a little sanding on edges so it will fit snug, but it will sit flush with top of stick. Standard Japanese 6 button format.

Asking for $90 shipped.








Price drop to $75 shipped.



Another price drop $65.


PM sent



$55 gets this.


does it have a bottom panel to hold everything in


Yeah, it’s on the 3rd pic above the box.


will it moint a seimitsu ls32 or sanwa jlf at the proper height?


The case was meant to used for a Sanwa JLF at proper mounting height. Never used a Seimitsu so I’m unsure of that.


i might purchase this ill let u no in an hour or 2


I will take it for the $55 shipped, but I am in alaska. Is that gonna be a problem. Let me know and I can paypal the money asap.


Sale pending.


Who is the sale pending to? ME?


Sold, please close.



I PM’d several days ago but didn’t hear back :shake:


Sorry, you didn’t get it.