WTS: Blast City Cab. Pick up at CEO


Blast City cab setup for Xbox 360, Mame PC or PC fighters in general (SSFIV, Doujin, etc). Brand new Wei-ya M2929 Flat Screen CRT monitor, accepts resolutions up to 800X600 @ 60hz. If using with PC, there is no need to run any third party monitor solutions(ArcadeVGA, Powerstrip, etc). Just plug in your computer VGA cable, and it works! Monitor has less than 20 hours on it, and is perfect, no scratches, no burn in. This monitor should also work with some of the newer arcade hardware like Taito Type X2, and Atomiswave. If you want to run older low rez game boards (CPS1/2/3, Neo Geo, etc) you just need to install an arcade style scaler board. Cabinet will need a Jamma harness and power supply installed for arcade boards. (easy and cheap)

I will be available Friday and Saturday of CEO, for pick up. I would also consider delivering it to within 100 miles or so of Orlando, for gas money paid up front. Beware, my truck gets around 14-15 MPG, you do the math. I live in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.

Selling price $900.00 Cab is currently on hold for Pharmtech78

What is included:
Blast City cab with new Wei-ya m2929 Flat Screen CRT Monitor.
2 Sanwa JLF joysticks with low use.
12 Seimitsu PK-14 clear buttons with low use.
2 hacked 360 controllers installed and ready to plug in to your system.
Xbox 360 VGA cable installed and ready to plug into your system.
One round stool (as seen in picture).
One set of keys to open all doors.
Melty Blood marquee.

Added features:
Monitor has a remote control panel, and it is located inside the control panel for easy monitor adjustments. (see picture)
Control panel wired to dual DB-15 connectors, so other pad hacked boxes or a modded Jamma harness can be plugged in without rewiring the control panel.
Control panel harness is long enough to run outside of cabinet, if you want to run your system in a remote location.
Extra exhaust fan added to keep the inside of the cabinet cool.
Integrated audio amplifier has been modified to accept low level RCA inputs, with volume control.
Start buttons plugged and moved to the side of the control panel, along with select button.
Button panel is set up for R1, R2, but can be easily changed on the terminal block inside the control panel. Wiring diagram is included.
Brand new lighting installed behind Marquee.

What you need to start playing:
Xbox 360 or PC.
5 minutes to plug it in.

What you need to play some other system: (arcade boards, PS2, Dreamcast, etc, etc…)
Just ask, I can set this cab up to play just about any system.

Why should you spend $900 for this cab when Coinops has them for $600-$700?:
-When you get a cab from Coinops, you may get a decent cab, or you may get a totally worn out and cracked up cab with a burned in tube. You can see this cab before you buy, and I guarantee the buttons and sticks to all be in excellent shape.
-Blast City cabs come with Nanao monitors, which are ticking time bombs. They all die, and when they do you cant get parts to fix the chassis. (Google “Nanao monitor black goop of death”) When this happens, your choices are to replace the monitor chassis (if you know how to work on monitors) or replace the whole monitor. If your tube is burned in, (and most of them are) you might as well get a new monitor. But, the tubes that fit these cabs are no longer made, so you have to go to a flat screen tube, and that means the monitor bezel will no longer fit on the cab. You will have to mod either the brand new monitor, or the bezel to make it work, and the new monitor costs around $500.
-Shipping, handling, and other fees are not added into Coinops base price, the actual cost will be much more than what they advertise.
-So why go through all that headache, I have done all the hard work for you, and even at $900 I am taking a loss on just the parts alone.


nice cab man!


Very nice work on this cab. Wish you the best on this. Someone in FL grab this setup!


Oh man, I want this!! If you don’t sell it in less than a month I’ll buy it. I live in Jacksonville,FL so delivery wouldn’t be that bad.


I could drive it up to Jax if you want. PM me if you want to work something out.


sent you a pm.


BTW, totally stealing your wiring idea for my blast. I just got a new panel, so I decided to re-wire everything. Looks so clean.


Yeah me too, I was gonna drill extra holes in my panel to accommodate select and/or/ guide but putting them on the sides looks so much cleaner and they’re out of the way.

Sweet cab! Good luck with sales, great price.


how the hell did you manage to mount that monitor?! tight work!


If only u were closer


Looks nice, wish you were in WA


Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it. I am most proud of the wiring you can’t see inside the integrated power supply/audio amplifier.

I believe the easiest way to mount that monitor is to use the ears off the old monitor. I did not have the old monitor, so it took a little more work than that.

Cab is on hold for you, I look forward to seeing you soon, and maybe getting a few games in.


Pics? of the wiring if possible :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m not taking it apart for pictures, especially since it is on hold for someone. If I build another one in the future, I’ll post some up.