WTS Blazblue, Chun, and Round2 Sticks

Hey SRK community, I’ve got 3 fightsticks up for sale.

1) Xbox360 White Blazblue Madcatz TE (does NOT come with original box) $220 shipped
2) PS3 Chun Li Madcatz TE-S (comes with original box!!) $220 shipped
3) PS3 Black Madcatz Tournament Edition Round 2 (does NOT come with original box) $100 shipped

Will accept trades for:

  1. Comic-Con fightstick
  2. Femme Fatale fightstick

PM me for more pictures!

ship to toronto?

You pay for shipment to toronto.

i think you have to give prices (unless the policy changed)

changes made.

you have to post prices according to the rules and no offers. also, did you mirror that picture? why are the sticks and buttons switched around?

Yeah sorry I mirrored the pictures. I took the photos upside down via iPhone. I posted prices.