WTS: BlazBlue Limited Edition, Xbox 360, US Region, no artbook


Hey guys.

Well, I’m throwing in the towel on BlazBlue.

Its an amazing game, but I was hoping it would be a “pick up and play” kind of game, and it demands way more time than I have to devote to it.

I have decided to part with my Limited Edition copy, and just focus on Street Fighter.

I want to keep it, but my game budget it tight right now and I want to sell it so I can put the funds toward Bayonetta when it comes out.

I’m selling:

**One Limited Edition, US region copy of BlazBlue for the xbox 360.

It comes in the LE case, along with the two soundtrack CDs, and the tutorial DVD (which is really excellent btw).**

No scratches on any disks, no blemishes on the case or user’s manual.

I do NOT have the artbook, because I did not get one with my preorder, because amazon is a bunch of idiots

$50 + $5 for USPS Priority Shipping to anywhere in the USA and its yours.

Once you confirm that you want it, paypal me the $55 and I will ship within 24 hours and provide a tracking number. Any amount that the shipping costs above the $5 will be covered by me. Game will be shipped in USPS Priority Box with padding, and will be sent requiring signature confirmation to avoid any problems.