WTS: Blazblue PS3 TE, SC5 PS3 TE, MVC2 PS3 TE

I have the following sticks for sale. All ps3 sticks. All do come with original boxes but can ship without box so shipping will be cheaper. Price includes shipping. Prefer local sales over shipping

Blazblue TE - slightly used $120
MVC2 TE - slightly used $110
SC5 TE - brand new BUT has a octo gate - 90

Im open to offers but please do not low ball.

Theres someone selling the SC5 TEs for $80-85 shipped brand new and i dont think hes sold any yet, not trying to de rail the thread just giving you a heads up, glws these are pretty fair prices

I think you’re talking about me, and I’ve sold some, but I still have some available. Mine doesn’t come with an octogate though, so that might be of value to potential buyers.

Well i did say best offer. I would ideally like to get what i ask for but since its the fgc, i kinda know im gonna get lowballed.

Prices include shipping now. Looking to sell asap now. Any reasonable price will be accepted

Blazblue TE sold