WTS: Blazblue White TE (original ps360 inside)

Soo… I’m selling my modded white blazblue te, it was originally for the xbox 360 its got an extra button in the cord compartment for guide/home. (its not pretty, but its hidden, pics further down in the thread)
Comes with a original PS360 chip for ps3/pc/360 support.
(i’ll confirm the JLF/buttons if they’re legit when i get home tonight)

Has a Madcatz grey bezel, looks nice as is, but prolly needs new artwork.

The plexi is a Art replacement one, and has just the 4 outside holes, but if i had it to do over again, i’d of done all 6, the middle is starting to warp a little.

Just the white TE in the pic, not the Taito clone sorry. =)

I’m asking 150.

If you need more info let me know, pm/whatever.

I am also looking for the “mini hai” 24mm dark hai buttons, some were on the hori vx sa, the black ring and grey plunger in a 24mm version.

more pics of the art and the hidden button would be nice :slight_smile:

Thats the hole… the USB cord is attached inside, so it wont just pop out or anything.

Thats the sideways pic of the artwork, i had a theme i was trying to go with, meh, whoever gets it will prolly change it anyways.

bump, added g4 ibook.

Is it a ps360+ or just a normal PS360 inside?

regular ole ps360.


whats the difference between ps360 or ps360+ ?? just curious, im interested

Same doubt…

This is the thread i meant to bump, not the other one… stick for sale and interest check on evo 2k7/2k8 dvd’s

How much for the evo 2k7 dvd

I’ve got someone on the hook for both dvd sets, if they fall thru, I will list them.
thanks for looking.