WTS Blaze 2 player stick (PS1)


EDIT: Everything sold.


Im interested. Can u snap a few pics man? Thanks.


Done, picture album added.


awww man, i really want this… but i already have waaaaaaaaaay too many projects going on. lol btw, here’s a vid i found that might inspire some to take on the challenge of modding it:


I have one of these too. I wonder if i should try this.


What is the condition of the plastic, any scratches scuffs or anything like that?


Let’s see…there appears to be a couple small scratches on the bottom of the bottom side of the stick, near the metal panel on the back and on the left corner, the paint has chipped away a little bit, not along the entire edge but I’d say maybe a third of it. Otherwise it’s in real good shape.


price drop and added some random games and videogame related stuff.