Wts Blklightning custom hrap2 panel/plexi & Link


BLKlightning hrap2 panel and plexi, fairly new. Rarely used my hrap so im parting out with it. Panel fits sanwa/seimitsu and fantas. 60 shipped for panel/plexi 80 for the case

Link from phreakmods bought last year at evo, never used… Powder coated black selling for 30 shipped. Pics coming soon along with more miscellaneous stuff.


Bump, price drop! Hrap lowered to 170 shipped


Im really looking to get rid of these two items but at least to reasonable prices! Obo on both of these




Got some pm’s regarding if I would split up parts, sorry guys I want to sell both of these im whole!




Scv TE sold


Bump added link and parting out hrap2


I’m tempted on link…


PM sent…


Pl replied