[WTS] Blowout sale! TE Stick, Games, Consoles, Anime, Figures, CDs, Posters, etc!

Keep in mind that these prices are NOT set in stone, and I’m always willing to negotiate!


All of my CDs (J-pop, K-pop, Video game OSTs, what have you) are buy 2 get 1 free! (equal or lesser value).

For sale

I’m moving out of the country, so I’m in dire need of money. This is an excellent time for people to take advantage of certain merchandise that you?ll only find in Japan! Let me just say that this is probably going to be the most random selection of items that you’ll ever see.

I have a fairly good reputation as a seller on the Internet. I also have a feedback of 500+ on eBay. Let me know if you need a list of references.
Most of the stuff listed here is used unless noted**. All of my belongings are in mint, pristine condition. I’m incredibly anal about my stuff, so I can assure you that pretty much everything is like new. Concerning the figures: Unfortunately, I had to throw away some boxes when I was coming back from Japan due to lack of luggage space. Everything you see here is legit. I bought the majority of the anime figures during my ventures in Japan, so they’re the official versions, and not Hong Kong knockoffs.

Any game title that has “(Import)” next to it means that it’s the Japanese version.

I can be contacted several ways, but the easiest way would be to PM me, or to e-mail me. I would strongly prefer Paypal, but I’m willing to accept cash or money orders. I’ll ship to the US, Canada, and possibly some other countries as well.

eBay profile: eBay My World - y2kenjination


Nintendo DS Cobalt Blue/Black- Will come with blue slip on carrying bag, and a cartridge holder (holds 12 cartridges). Original box not included- $85

Playstation 2 (Japanese model, fat version)- Includes one controller, original box, and official vertical stand- $90

Game Controllers

Madcatz PS3 Street Fighter IV TE Stick- No customizations, original box included- $90


Dragon Quest IX- $23
Final Fantasy III- $10
Final Fantasy IV- $14


Dragoneer?s Aria- $13
Lumines II- $5
Star Ocean: First Departure- $14
Wipeout Pure- $5


Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend [Girlfriend of Steel] (Import)- $20
Final Fantasy VII: Greatest Hits Edition- $37

Playstation 2

Arcana Heart (Import)- $12
Art of Fighting Anthology- $4
Dragon Quest VIII- $8
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1- $5
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2- $6
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Import)- $17
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core- $12
Katamari Damacy- #13
Killer 7- $10
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Import)- $20
King of Fighters: Orochi Saga (Import)- $23
King of Fighters: NEST Collection (Import)- $23
King of Fighters XI (Import)- $14
Persona 3: FES- $26
Persona 4- $27
Phantasy Star Universe- $5
R: Racing Evolution- $3
Rogue Galaxy- $10
Secret of Evangelion (Import)- $13
Shadow of the Colossus- $12
Taiko no Tatsujin: Waku Waku Anime Matsuri (Import)- $20
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven- $10
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows- $8
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria- $17


Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes- $34
Resident Evil Zero- $10

Playstation 3

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger- 12
God of War Collection- $18
Heavy Rain- $37
Killzone 2- $14
Tekken 6- $13
Virtua Fighter 5- $11
Yakuza 3- $25

X-Box 360

Blue Dragon- $7
Dead or Alive 4- $12
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2- $10
Dead Rising- $10
Final Fantasy XIII- $18
Infinite Undiscovery- $10
Mushihime Sama Futari (Import)- $47
Prince of Persia- $5
Silent Hill: Homecoming- $11
Tales of Vesperia- $18

DVD (All DVD’s are U.S. Versions unless noted)

Akira Collector’s Edition- $12
Death Note Vol. 1-6 (Episodes 1-24) Collector’s Edition (Each DVD comes with a figure)- $12 each
Elfen Lied complete box set (3 DVD’s) Pic- $15
Genshiken season 1 complete box set (3 DVD’s) Pic- $17
Ghost in the Shell Special Edition- $12
Hellsing Ultimate OVA (first 3 DVD’s)- $13
Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 (New, sealed)- $10
Rumbling Hearts/Kimi ga Nozomu Eien complete box set (3 DVD’s)- $18
Summer Wars DVD (Import, Japanese only)- $20

Blu-Ray (U.S. Versions unless noted)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse- $8

Anime art books/Strategy Guides

Code Geass “Graphics Ashford” art book Pic- $5
Code Geass “Illustrations Rebels” art book Pic- $16
Comikers art book (features art from various anime artists) Pic= $12
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide- $13
Death Note Live Action Movie II photo book Pic- $5
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide- $10
Final Fantasy X Strategy Guide- $15
Final Fantasy XII Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide (Ashe Cover)- $15
Korean artist art book (includes work from Hyungtae Kim, DJ Max artists) Pic- $16
Metal Gear Solid 4 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide- $15
Virtua Fighter 5 Strategy Guide- $5

Japanese Idols

Ayase Haruka Japanese idol “Heroine” photo book Pic- $13
Erika Toda Japanese idol photo book Pic- $13
Leah Dizon DVD (Asian ver) Pic- $5
Leah Dizon photo book Pic- $5
MEGUMI Japanese idol photo book Pic- $5
Miwa Asao Japanese beach volleyball athlete photo book (includes DVD) Pic- $13

Anime/Seiyuu/Video Game OST’s

Access- Hitomi no Tsubasa Single (Code Geass Song)- $6
Aya Hirano- Ashita no Prism Single- $6
Aya Hirano- LoveGun Single (CD+DVD)- $6
Aya Hirano- MonSTAR! (CD+DVD)- $6
Aya Hirano- Neophilia (CD+DVD)- $6
Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light OST (Came with pre-order)- $4
Demon’s Souls OST (Came with pre-order)- $5
Death Note OST I- $15
Death Note OST II- $15
Death Note OST III- $15
Final Fantasy XIII OST (4 discs)- $18
Hatsune Miku- Re: package Livetune- $15
Hatsune Miku- Sweets x -cross- (Fan CD, bought in Akihabara)- $7
K-On!- Don’t Say Lazy Single- $6
King of Fighters XII OST (Came with Japanese pre-order)- $6
Lucky Star- Motteke! Sailor Fuku Re-mix 001- $6
Rumble Roses OST (CD+DVD)- $13
Sayuri Sugawara- Kimi ga Iru Kara [FFXIII Main Theme] (CD+DVD)- $7
Shoko Nakagawa- Big
Bang! Album (CD+DVD)- $15
Shoko Nakagawa- Brilliant Dream (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Kirei Ala Mode (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Shiny Gate (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Shokotan Cover Ani Song ni Koishite (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Shokotan Cover 2 Ani Song ni Koishite (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Sorairo Days (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Strawberry Melody (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Tsuzuku Sekai (CD+DVD)- $6
Shoko Nakagawa- Tsuzuku Sekai (Alternate Cover) (CD+DVD)- $6
Street Fighter IV OST- $15
Witchblade OST- $6

J-Pop CD’s

Official Japanese versions unless noted.

AAA- Friday Party Single (CD+DVD)- $6
AKB48- Aitakatta! (CD+DVD)- $6
Ami Suzuki- Delightful Single [Overseas Ver] (CD+DVD)- $6
Ami Suzuki- Eventful Single [Overseas Ver] (CD+DVD)- $6
Ami Suzuki- FREE FREE (CD+DVD)- $6
Ayase Haruka- Hikoukigumo Single- $6
Aya Ueto- Ai no Tame ni Single- $6
Aya Ueto- Re. Album- $6
BoA- Key of Heart Single (CD+DVD)- $6
BoA- Meri Kuri Single- $6
BoA- Quincy Single- $6
BoA- Rock With You Single- $6
Chonan Kan- Ai no Uta ~Chongmal Sarang Haeyo!~ Single- $6
Deeps- Lovely! Album- $4
EE Jump- Hello! Atarashii Watashi Single- $5
EE Jump- Ikinarizumu! Single- $5
EE Jump- Love is Energy! Single- $5
EE Jump- Ottototto Natsu Daze! Single- $5
EE Jump- Seishun no Sunrise Single (CD+VHS)- $5
EE Jump Featuring Sonim- Winter ~Samui Kisetsu no Monogatari~ (CD+VHS)- $5
Folder 5- Final Fun Boy Single- $4
Hinoi Team- Now and Forever Single (CD+DVD)- $5
Kantou Hadakakai Sanba Gararu- Kantou Hadakakai no Uta Single- $4
Leah Dizon- Love Paradox Single (CD+DVD)- $6
Leah Dizon- Vanilla Single (CD+DVD)- $6
Maki Goto- Makking Gold 1 Album- $8
Mai Kuraki- Feel Fine! Single- $5
Nakanomori Band- Fly High Single- $5
Nami Tamaki- Don?t Stay Album (CD+DVD)- $10
Namie Amuro- Stop the Music Single- $5
Perfume- One Room Disco Single (CD+DVD)- - $6
Rina Aiuchi- Single Collection Album- $8
Rina Chinen- God Bless the World Single-$ 4
Shela- Red Single- $3
Shela- Sepia Single- $3
SMAP- Drink! Smap! Album (Overseas Ver)- $6
SMAP- Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana Single- $6
Sonim- Asunaro Ginga Single- $4
Sonim- Curry Rice no Onna Single- $4
Sonim- Goukon Ato no Famiresu Nite Single (CD+DVD)- $4
Sonim- Honto wa ne Single- $4
Sonim- Jigsaw Puzzle Single- $4
Sonim- Tokyo Midnight Loneliness Single (CD+DVD)- $4
Sonim- Tsugaru Kaikyo no Onna Single- $4
Yaen- Chicken Guys Single- $3
Yaen- First Impression Single- $3
Yaen- Sakebi Single- $3
Yaen: Staff Roll Album- $5
Yaen- Star Single- $3
Younha- Go! Younha Album- $14
Yui Ichikawa- Kira*Kira Single- $5
Yutaka Ozaki- Oh My Little Girl Single- $4
ZONE- Yume no Kakera Single- $4

K-Pop CD’s

JewelryS- Sweet Song Mini Album- $6
Lee Hyori- Dark Angel Album- $5
Wonder Girls- Nobody Single- $7
Wonder Girls- So Hot Single- $7
Younha- Hye Sung Album- $7
Younha- Peace Love & Ice Cream Album- $7


Ayane Ninja Gaiden Kotobukiya figure (original box included) Pic- $18
Code Geass Karin mini figure Pic- $3
Darkstalkers Lilith mini figure Pic- $5
Death Note Misa figure (original box included) Pic- $19
Densha Otoko Mina figure (the same figure that was in the Densha Otoko live action drama!) Pic- $25
Devil May Cry 3 Dante Series No. 003 Revoltech posable figure Pic- $11
Dragon Ball Z Goku battle ravaged figure Pic- $11
Evangelion Asuka finger point mini figure Pic- $3
Evangelion Shinji entry plug suit mini figure Pic- $3
Final Fantasy VII: AC Sephiroth Play Arts figure (original box included)- $13
Final Fantasy VII: Cloud and Harley Motorcycle Original FFVII Design Play Arts Figure- $45
Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Original FFVII Design Play Arts Figure- $14
Ichigo 100% Aya figure (in original box) Pic- $5
Shakugan no Shana “Shanatan” melon pan figure (original box included) Pic- $20


Devil May Cry Ebony & Ivory Gun T-shirt Size M Pic- $11
Dragon Ball Z Goku “Kame” Cospa T-shirt Size M Pic- $12
Evangelion NERV T-shirt Size M Pic- $13
Hatsune Miku “Sing the future!” Size M Pic- $15


Ami Suzuki poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $4
Aya Ueto “Way to Heaven” single poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $4
Code Geass C2 poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $4
Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate mini wall scroll Pic- $4
Dead or Alive XBV2 Ayane poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $4
Death Note live action movie poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $5
Dragon Ball Z wall scroll Pic- $10
Final Fantasy VII wall scroll Pic- $10
Final Fantasy XII poster (Used, in mind condition. Might have pin holes or slight residue from tape) Pic- $5
Last Remnant promo poster (Brand new, never been used) Pic- $3
Street Fighter Chun Li Satoshi Urushihara art wall scroll Pic- $10

Anime keychain/sound drops ($4 each)

Anime Moe Sound Drop Keychain- Ahoge Ver. [media=youtube]fb1ZavCIr74"[/media]
Anime Moe Sound Drop Keychain- Chairman Ver. [media=youtube]HBDjTC5ShyY"[/media]
Anime Moe Sound Drop Keychain- Imouto/Sibling Ver. [media=youtube]VRVN9_ngurk"[/media]
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Sound drop-Mikuru “It’s Classified [media=youtube]wcgks-obVP4”[/media]
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Sound drop- Mikuru Moe Point [media=youtube]8oe5-XY1M6U"[/media]


Battle Club manga Vol. 1-5 (English) Pic- $20
Death Note English manga Vol. 1-3 Pic- $15
Evangelion NERV headphones Pic- $13
Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken manga Vol. 1-12 (All in Japanese)- $43
Witch Blade English manga Vol. 1 & 2 Pic- $8

Post the prices…

Thanks for the heads up. Added prices. =)

yes, prices please. Densha Otoko Mina figure and some of them shirts probably.

tried to reply but your inbox is full :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, check out my sale thread for any potential trades good sir =)

You’re pm box is full, but I’m down for what we discussed. Send me your paypal. And what size is the Goku figure you have?

Because your Mailbox full, and you not on AIM, I cannot contact you.
I am scared item will be gone.

Lemme get cowboy bebop remix. Please get back to me, your inbox is full.

ill take the gaco metal gear solid 4 alarm clock and the mgs bandana as well. plz pm

ur pm box is full

I want the Darkstalkers book. Please pm me your Paypal and the total shipped price to the L.A. area.

and here I was thinking nobody wanted to buy my items. Wow, didn’t take long for my PM box to get full. :smiley:

Try PMing again, folks! Sorry about that!

It’s roughly about 8 or 9 inches tall. Fairly decent size.


Payment sent for Excel Saga and FMP.

PM’d about Cammy figure.

Gurren Laggen Art book can that be on hold till tommorrow?
Edit: 1:36pm PST after I sent the PM. I have changed me mind ^^"

Dang too bad the korea jacket wasn’t a small. good luck with your sales.

It still isn’t that big for a medium…here’s the measurements:

Chest: 38-41
Waist: 31-34
Hip: 38-40
Inseam: 32

Payment sent. thanks.

I’ll get those posters I pmed you about last night. I’ll pm you later on for payment and whatnot.