WTS: Bootleg Mini Street Fighter figurines

Basically I found these at a local diner a while ago…They are pretty funny.

They are about an inch tall…made of a flexible rubber-like material. Some stand with a little coaxing. The paint job looks like it was done by a sweatshop worker. :clown:

From left to right:
Juri? , Sagat (with some sweet hair you could probably rub off), Caucasian Balrog (ala ST perhaps?), Ryu, Guile (x2), E.Honda (x3), Vega.

$3 dollars each via paypal and these will be shipped loose in an envelope. BUY THEM! Great for a collection or lulz.

What’s the odd piece on the rightmost of the picture?

Also “Juri” looks more like Hugo from SF3 tbh.


That is vega’s CLAW! it’s brown like his shoes. haha

And alright…it’s if Juri and Hugo had a baby. :stuck_out_tongue: But really that’s the only random character in the bunch. The rest are 100% recognizable.

If anyone shows any interest I’ll take better pictures by request


Yes let’s throw dan into that love triangle. :slight_smile:

lol @ this entire thread.

I actually got the Sagat one as a gift from a friend a while back. Still have it around somewhere. Pretty funny figurines.

They are pretty hilarious. Definitely different.