WTS: Both MvC2 games

hello every one today I have for sale both of my mvc2 games, the PS2 and DC versions :hitit:, now the games are in ok / good condition well I mean they have some scratches but no major ones to affect gameplay or anything like that. For now i will only sell them together im looking for $90 shipped for both :smile:

uhh I only have a pic of my ps2 marvel :xeye: but dont worry i have DC marvel, Both come in original case and manual.

PS2: http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii300/ThekidfromLBC/DSC01018.jpg

I gots more feedback than 2 , but my feedback thread got buried under the rest :lol: u can ask the mod to pull it up if want to see it.

pm sent

Hmm, if he can’t pay, i can pay for them asap.

theres a couple ahead but if my 1st deal drops ill update this thread