WTS: Boxed Hori Fighting edge PS3 and TVC stick converted to ps3


The fighting edge stick 200 O.B.O shipped.
http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t650/dirkaleon0310/Mobile%20Uploads/20160521_151501_zpstknnln1a.jpg has a small Crack on the corner of the stick.

TVC madcatz stick modded to play for ps3.
$50 shipped. Works well. Just take off the laminated label.
Any questions just ask. Pm me with anything you need :slight_smile:


Dropped the price on the Fighters Edge.
Feel free to make an offer on it if you guys like.


Have you got a closer pic of the crack?


I’ll get it to ight sir. I’m at work :frowning: but I’ll hd the pic


Hori fighting edge sold. :slight_smile:


More games and possibly another stick going up tonight.


Does the TVC stick still work with wii, or just ps3 now?


Just ps3 bro. Sorry :frowning: