WTS: Brand new Razer Moray in-ear gaming Earphones

Willing to sell (2) brand new, still in box Razer Moray in-ear noise isolating gaming earphones.

They are white.

They sell for $40 + shipping anywhere else.

I’m willing to sell for $32 shipped anywhere within USA & Canada

I have a pair of these myself and they are amazing. Best in-ear earphones in this price range bar none.

They come with a nice traveling case, additional ear inserts and a plane jack.


1 sold.

1 left remaining.

Taking Trades?

Not particularly but do you have a list of what you have for trade?


^ there.

Nah, don’t need anything.

Unless you were willing to do a straight up trade for the pink swirl case :stuck_out_tongue:

Final price drop.

I’ll keep the remaining one for sale for a day or two and if it doesn’t sell I’ll just use em.