WTS: brand new round 1 TE xbox 360 arcade stick


Hello I want to sell a brand new round 1 xbox 360 arcade stick thats been on display on my desk for quite a while. It it unopened which still means it has the seals on it. i want to sell it for $200 and I want to sell it locally in socal. Ill take offers but i really need cash. This might be last in production brand new sealed. I will post pics soon.


If anyone wants pictures tell me PM your email and ill show it to you. also price drop to 190


Im pretty sure you can get a round 1 on madcatz still… For roughly $170 shipped im not 100% sure its been awhile since I’ve checked

Edit: nvm its the round 2s lol sorry about that


Round 1’s are probably the least desirable stick. GL with the sale.


Anyone wanna bargain? please send me a message and I can workout a price. I could also send pics