WTS: Brand New Sanwa Flash Joystick

Are you Sanwa Flash interesting? Because…

Yes folks, I have a brand spanking new Sanwa Flash joystick that I’m selling. I was going to make a custom stick with it and me being a procrastinator and losing interest in fighting games, I never ended up making the stick. It’s been in my room for the past 2 years and I finally decided to stop being lazy and sell it.

Everything is included with the stick:
Brand new, never used Sanwa Flash joystick
5V harness
5 pin harness
Shaft cover
Regular black dust cover
Yellow Sanwa Flash dust cover
Sanwa Flash sticker
Blue balltop
Octagonal gate
Unsure what to call the pink clip on the right (Not sure what it’s used for either)

Asking price is $200 shipped or best offer. Also willing to sell internationally if you pay for the shipping. Since this is a very rare and sought after item, I’m going to let offers come in for 3 days before I let it go.





man this is awesome, I wish I had the money because I would buy it.
I’m sure someone is going to get this quick.
Good luck on your sale.

So, have you ever used it? I don’t know how much different it is compared to the original. And could it be installed in an Hrap2?

There is one type Sanwa Flashes models that I’m aware of. There are the ASCII which are another type of Japanese optical joystick. As stated above it has never been used and I believe it is similar to the JLF in terms of mounting but the PCB is optical as opposed to microswitches. The stick itself needs to be powered by 5v, I’m not too familiar if the HRAP2 PCB has that although I’m sure someone else can answer that question.

oooh awesome! the flash sanwa is god! expensively give me headach!

I know it’s working on only Harp3 PCB.

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I have a friend who is likely interested in buying this.

Keep a spot open~

i take credit for discovering opips. he’s pretty much a semi-celebrity in VA.

If someone can let me know how to go about using this in an hrap2 I’d definitely be interested.

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u want beer than flash sanwa???


not hating on the thread, but can someone explain to me why a joystick alone would cost 200 dollars? It baffles me.

sanwa flash is a discontinued optical stick… when it works it will last forever as the switches dont break… also there is no errors in the stick just your own hand movements. i personally own many of theses flash sticks and they are fantastic with a bit stiffer spring and octagon gate.

they are just as good as a WICO p360 as those are made from the same batch.

on installing one of these in a hrap or hrap 2 or any psx controller.

you will need to find the 3.3v line direct from the controller… then solder the red wire that comes with the flash as shown above to that point…

once it powers on it will work and not fail you. just gotta make sure it turns on.

Sanwa Flash and the P360 require 5v, which is obviously a little more than 3.3v. It seems a lot of optical users are able to get away with PSX 3.3v, but some will definitely require a 3.3v to 5v converter to work right.

This isn’t a problem if you plan on making a DC or XB360 stick as both of those use 5v for peripheral items. Using a USB converter would also work because USB supplies 5v.

is this sold ? i would like to buy it …

I’ll take it if it’s not sold. PM me if it’s available.

Sorry, I’ve been busy and it has been sold.

Just cause it doesn’t have moving parts doesn’t mean it will last forever, sadly. The emitter LED’s in it are rated for (if I recall correctly) 2000 hours of use. Granted, thats a couple of MONTHS of leave it in time, but still. Not forever.