WTS: BRAND NEW Seimitsu clear orange(x2) LB-39 bubbletop


BRAND NEW Seimitsu clear orange(x2) LB-39 bubbletop $4 each shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

PM me or email me at Akiskaer@gmail.com for any questions


PM sent.


PM Sent.


I emailed.


Everything replied, Seimitsu smoke buttons and 3 bubbletops may have a potential buyer but nothing is confirmed.
Otherwise this post is edited and up to date.


You haven’t replied to my email.


I am PMing you now, I’ve replied to all the emails ive got. You sending it to Akiskaer@gmail.com ?


updated with remaining parts. get em while they last. cheap and free shipping! who can beat that?! :slight_smile:


updated, LS-56-01 has sold


@justplainlucky and @StrtFghtrMstr your packages were shipped this morning, expect them earliest Thursday this week.

@OutKastATLien and @Feargus001100 your packages were shipped out on Saturday so expect them by Wednesday


post updated. seimitsu buttons (4 green and 2 clear smoke) are pending. Bubbletops are still available!


@Explorer200 your item was shipped this afternoon, check your PMs for tracking


Just got the stick and it looks great! It got here a lot sooner than expected. Thanks for the smooth sale man!


awesome im glad. I generally ship out orders same day unless something is purchased on a Saturday, in that case it ships monday. Enjoy!


Received 8 Seimitsus wrapped in pairs and two individually wrapped and bagged. Haven’t tested but great seller, price, shipping & communication (-_-)=b. Product looks to be in same like-new condition as described.


Post updated. removed all sold parts and added new available parts!


Just emailed hope it’s still available


just emailed you back


Payment sent thanks in advance!


pretty much everything sold. just 2 orange bubbletops left.