WTS BRAND NEW XBOX 360 TE Sticks, Madcatz Akuma pads


For sale

3 xbox 360 TE Sticks, Brand new NEVER been open, with orginal receipt. Askin 125 picked up.

2 Akuma Xbox 360 Brand New NEVER been open, with original receipt. 50 Shipped. 40 picked up.



We don’t do Best Offer here. Post a price with shipping.


Staring off with a fail, huh?


please post the pictures. thanks.


We’ll need pics, bro. A better description than just “a couple akuma pads” would help as well. State how often they were used, if at all. Let us know the condition.

If you aren’t sure on a price, slap a price tag on it then add “or best offer”, and see if anybody bites. Or check the other threads and see what they’re selling for.


lol My bad i rushed this post before i went to lunch. Let me edit everything.


I’ll take 6


Hi Marv,

Where are you located for local pickup?



I will post pics tommorow, sorry guys i had to give Nelson a beating in sf4, lol.


xbox360 sticks are 120 + free shipping at newegg


i just checked newegg and theyre 130 shipped, plus tax in California, Tennesee, New Jersey. Its only for a limited time tho. 125 picked up sounds like a good deal.


And right now if you have a Fry’s beside you, you can buy one for $99.00


pictures added. Theyre all from my cell phone but it works. Thanks for looking.


I have been looking at other ads for these sticks and NOONE has the receipts. If something goes wrong your out of whatever they sold it to you for. I have the original receipt from game crazy. I can do 130 Shipped to the states.