WTS - Brawl Stick for X360


All prices include shipping and are OBO. PayPal only. Items can be picked up in SF Bay Area for discount.

MadCatz Brawl Stick for X360 - $45
Brand new in box. There is some slight damage on the right side of the black casing (pics coming soon). I know these were on sale for $30 at Gamestop but I just paid over $50 for it so would like to recoup as much as I can.


If that is a 360 brawl pad I’ll take it… I’ll also take the TvC modded with 360 pcb stick…
PM sent


I’m really interested in the HRAP VX SA I’ll send you a PM.


PDP Marvel Pad is for X360 ?


Yes it is 360.


Brawl Pad and TvC stick with 360 PCB have been sold. All PMs replied to.


By any chance, do you ship to canada?


I can ship to Canada. Prices will change of course.


Marvel PDP Pad on hold. Price drop on Hori stick.


Hori sold. More stuff coming soon.


New stuff added.


Pics of that Sega USB pad please.


Pic of the front added. Want a pic of the SLS sticker on the back?


Black Saturn pad sold. Two more added with pic.


Can you ship international?


I bought the gray saturn pad, there’s only one left.


Yes I can ship international if you pay the difference in shipping of course. And yes only the white pad is left.


Price drops.


I’ll take the sanwa button set and hori ex pcb. Lmk if you still have them both.

Payment Sent.


Sanwa stuff and PCB sold.