WTS: Broken X360 Madcatz SE, Octagon Gates


Selling a Madcatz SE, the only thing wrong with it is that it won’t sync to an xbox when its plugged in. The lights around the guide button with flash on and off. The stick and buttons are stock and work perfectly.
I did open it up to try and figure out what was causing the problem, but everything inside looked fine, so I assume the problem is just a busted pcb.
Comes with the original box (no game)

Selling for $20+shipping (around $10-15)

Also selling two Octagon gates

had them in my sticks for maybe 1-2 months till I went back to using the squaregate
[S]$4 (each) Shipped[/S]** SOLD**


I’m in for the octo gates, $4 is a steal.


sorry I meant $4 each


Eh, sure, I’ll take one. Why not.


I’ll take the second octogon gate then. Please PM me with your payment info. Thanks!


both octagon gates have been claimed


Forgot to post earlier - received; thanks!