WTS: Broken Xbox360s/Dual Modded MVC3 TE/SCV TE 360/Buttons/Balltops/AMD Video Card

As the title reads, I’m trying to get rid of some of the items I have.

Broken Xbox 360s: $20 + shipping

Details: Mostly suffer from RRoD. Can be used for parts if needed, or whatever you want. I had these from previous gatherings and they just tend to go downhill after so much use after 4-5 years.


MVC TE Dual mod Xbox/PS3: $110 + shipping - SOLD
SCV TE Xbox: $100 + shipping

Details: MVC Xbox360 with dual modded chimp board to work on PS3. SCV Xbox360 has Noir layout in good condition. I have replaced the buttons on both sticks to newer ones and each case has with custom color LEDs to match color scheme.


Buttons: $2 per button + shipping

Details: 30mm Orange buttons are Snap ins. 30mm white, white/black are screw ins. 24mm white are snap ins.

30 mm:
Orange x 8
White x 8 - SOLD
White/Black x 6

24 mm:
White x 5 - SOLD


Balltops: $2 per balltop + shipping

Details: Variety of colors from: Dark Kai/Black/Olive/Lime/Sky blue/Red

White - SOLD


AMD Radeon HD 6850: $35 + shipping

Details: Great card, used in the Mame/Steam machine had for SF4. Very clean, and great condition.


Almost tempted to grab a 360 to make a stick out of it


Replied. Updated.

scv still available?

the Soul Calibur stick ?


Yeah its still here.

bumping this for a good sale and an easy and smooth transaction

thanks Ramon

pm sent

PM sent.

Does the joystick on the 360 te work?

Are the white/black screw in buttons still available? And are they Sanwas?

Yeah they are sawnas and still available.

PM coming.

Bumping for smooth transaction. If Ramon’s got something you need, don’t hesitate to buy.
Thanks man.

Got the card today, very clean & well packed, will install over the weekend.

Thanks again @Ramon !!!

@XianTK No problem, glad you got them.

@Feargus001100 You’re welcome bro. I like to keep all my items clean and definitely well packed for delivering.