WTS brooks Ps2 to PS4 adapter with pads / 360 mahvel pad


40 shipped, please note my PC broke so this doesn’t have the newest update on the adapter so it’ll have to be done from the brooks website which is quick and easy, pads are all in good condition

Brand new 20 shipped


Bump price drop


Bumb new item


Such a rare item. Good luck with sale.


o man so tempting!!!


That’s basically a Saturn pad for PS2 with Vampire branding, right? Pretty darn cool


Yes it is


Great pad I always get so tempted to get more when I see these


Buy it lol


Bump 175 shipped


Pad sold


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Pm sent


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got the brooks adapter and fightpads today. everything works fine. great seller hope to do business again soon.


Thanks man appreciate it! 360/xbone Adapter fightpad a sold Ps2 ones available and mahvel pad as well


pm sent


Pads and Brooks converter came in. They are in really good condition! :slight_smile: