WTS: Brushed Aluminium feet *FREE SFxTekken pin-buttons while stock lasts!

A couple of my projects were on display on the “Check out my new arcade stick!” thread and had a lot of positive reactions on the brushed aluminium feet that I use.
I use them on pretty much all my builds and have sold 'm to people who pimped HiFi sets, computercases, PS3’s, speakersets and Madcatz TE’s.

I’m selling the Alu feet in sets of 4 pcs incl. shipment, packaging etc. for:
1 set - 11,95 USD (Aluminum 40mm, Gold 40mm, Champagne 40mm & Aluminum 35mm)
2 sets - 22,90 USD (Aluminum 40mm, Gold 40mm, Champagne 40mm & Aluminum 35mm)
4 sets - just 39,95 USD (Aluminum 40mm, Gold 40mm, Champagne 40mm & Aluminum 35mm)

A set of feet painted in any color for $ 5.

Buy 2 or more sets (any kind or combination of sets) and receive a FREE set of 4 SFxTekken pin-buttons. These pin-buttons are officially licensed by Capcom.
While stock lasts!

If you want me to add 4pcs M6 nuts and bolts just add 2 USD per set. M6 bolts are the same size as the stock TE bolts.
These can screw through 5mm(0.2 inch) material and still be bolted on or into 7mm material if you don’t use the nut.

Here are some specs (sizes in mm.) (A=12mm.):


Some product photo’s:


From left to right : Aluminum 40mm, Champagne 40mm, Gold 40mm, Aluminum 35mm
Shot with flash:

Shot without flash:

I can produce custom colors upon request :

Some projects where I used the feet:



Pimped Madcatz TE:


ah! Finally selling these eh?

Anyway are the feet rubber? And what’s the weight on these?

Yeah i think it’s the icing on the cake for fightsticks and wouldn’t want to let SRK members out :wink:
The feet are padded with EVA. It’s less effected by wet conditions then rubber as rubber can become very slippery when wet.
They should weigh around 8-10 grams each.

How much would shipping for a set to somewhere in the United States cost?

i want 8 feet. contact me pls, so we can set this up!!!

The price is 11,95 USD for 4 feet including shipment to any place in the US.

i want a set. let me know what steps we need to take.

Two questions…

  1. Are these the same height as the Mad Catz TE feet?
  2. Can you use the existing screws on the Mad Catz TE feet?

@ Shifty Nevers & Phaedrus : PM’s sent.

@ Tokerblue : 1) I’m not sure about the height of the stock feet on the TE but i couldn’t be much less then the 12 mm. of the Alu feet. ( i don’t own a TE myself)
2) My mate had to do some modding to the holes on the TE. But according to him it was sufficient to bore the hole with a philips screwdriver so it can’t be much work.

Sent a pm.

1 set

PM sent

Damn, these are sexy.

PM sent.

Sent PM for 2 sets with hardware. I’m on these like Rufus on a happy meal! Thanks!! ~peace~

i’d like a set. PM me your details if available!

Sent a PM, thanks

Put me in for a set. I want to test it on my TE :wink:

1st and 2nd shipments have been sent. Expect the delivery within 3-5 workdays. Hopefully most of you receive 'm before the weekend.
Please post your pics of your project in this thread :wink:

2 sets please sir… Pm sent

3rd shipment has been send. Regretfully i had to raise the price to $2 USD for the nuts-n-bolts because apperently the weight of them puts the shipment in a higher priceclass.

how would these feel on your lap?