WTS: Brushed Aluminium feet *FREE SFxTekken pin-buttons while stock lasts!

Hard to say, the padding is enough for my legs to not get any marks. The aluminum doesn’t stick out much so i think you should be fine.

any of you all receive your feet yet? been 6 days on my side and i was quoted at 5.

Yeah, please leave a message if your shipment arrives because TNT says 4-6 days and i’d like to know if they get it to you in time.

Just got mine in the mail today. 7 days from the Netherlands, so not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot Jinx. I’ll post some pics up of them installed once I get my custom in.

i would love a set of these for my custom. pm sent.

Hey man, Just got em today and its sweet. Thanks leaving FB.

hmmm maybe I get mine tomorrow…

I also got my sets today. Thanks, Jinxz
I’m also in California, so 5-6 days shipping for me (assuming you sent this out on 4/20)

ditto probably tomorrow.

Here are a couple of shots with these brushed aluminum feet with a NHTRAN anodized black aluminum case
Not bad at all IMO. Feet are actually somewhat comfortable when I place the stick on my lap, too.



That’s a great looking stick Valkyrie23!

Got mine today. Damn these are really nice looking. Not to mention they grip really well on lap and table top. I mostly play lap and these are what I’ve been looking for, the bottom pads are not rubber but some kind durable foam (I think) but they grip quite well, thanks Jinx!

BTW I’ve got mine raised higher than they would normally be…preferance.:cool:

got mine in today also. will post pics soon. thanks jinxz


lovely, thanks.

They look great under your sticks Phaedrus and Kubebot! Love the photo with the businesscard :cool:
Did you guys have any trouble placing them?

not at all. just the screwdriver thing you mentioned but other than that nothing. they feel great on the lap as well. will definitely be getting another set in the coming weeks. gonna put 'em on a TvC stick I am gonna mod. Good timing on the shipping considering the location.

I wasn’t able to get the bolts through the feet, but I ended up not using on my TE anyway.

My brother brought my’n up to me today, since I moved after the order, which was a fast delivery. They look like big skateboard bearings to me so thats awesome but weigh alot less than they look, so hardly any added weight is a plus too!

Man these feets are bad ass. I think i gotta order me some of these.

Do you think these could be attached by way of… some sort of glue or adhesive rather than screws?