WTS: Bulk New Sanwa OBSC-30 buttons


**New BULK SANWA **parts

OBSC-30 Buttons:

120 x Sanwa 30mm OBSC-30 (Full Translucent) = **$510 shipped. **
($3.80 x 120 pcs + $54 shipping)

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White & Black


Buttons will come direct from manufacturer in original Sanwa packaging like below.

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Thanks for looking.






Are the SF:AC and CvS2 complete?


yeah, however cvs2 is gone… pretty much.

i’ll update in a second.


looks like you made some money off my mistake


more like my mistake. :looney:


let’s all money match at seth’s, you’ll make it back off my in no time. :lol: :sad:



pm sent for sfac:)


sent you one back.


payment sent!


can the pelican adaptor be used to connect to a pc as well? i never noticed it was just usb.


yes, it can be used to play on computer as well as PS3, also it is the best adapter for computer and ps3 that you will ever get.


Updated and added some stuff.


pm sent about metalgear


PM sent


Do you happend to have a IL eurostick or an old happ stick?? if you do, ill buy the buttons and the stick. let me know ok.


unfortunately I do not =(


PMed, ill take the set of Happ buttons.


Payment sent. thanks.