WTS: Buttons, Joysticks, Cases+PCBs (360-MCBrawlstick, PS3-HRAP3SA)


Everything is now sold! Thanks everyone for your interest. I may put up some other whole sticks in the near future given the strong response to this sale.



1x HRAP3SA case+PS3PCB+nausb+25ft usb-b>usb-a cable
1x MadCatz BrawlStick case+360PCB+headphone adapter
8x Pink Sanwa OSBF-30
8x Custom Seimitsu PS-14G 30mm Pushbutton (Black Case, White Plunger, Smoke Cover)
2x Custom Seimitsu PS-14D 24mm Pushbutton (Smoke Case, White Plunger, Clear Cover)
1x Clear Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop
1x Pink Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop
1x Smoke Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop
1x Seimitsu LS-58-01 Joystick on P40 Plate
1x Seimitsu LS-58-01 Joystick on MS Plate with Grey Sanwa LB-35 Balltop


PM sent


PM sent as well.


pm incoming


Wow, way more interest than I expected. I have read all your PMs and have responded on a first come first served basis to all offers.
All items currently have at least 1 interested party, some multiple parties. If you haven’t heard from me, you’re probably next in line if the earlier offer falls through.

Pics are available now.


Pm sent


pm sent


PM been sent, yo.


Updated the OP, some items have sold. Most others have at least on interested party except the 24mm buttons.

Feel free to PM me with your interest. I’m moving right through the list as deals fall through.


If you still have that HRAP I’m still interested.


Pm’d you earlier on the hrap


pm’ed you about the hrap I think 2 days ago.still didn’t get a reply


I’m processing a list of offers for several items, so if you haven’t heard from me, it is because you’re down the list some.
I’m honoring your place in line, so don’t worry if I don’t respond immediately.

Last call for payments before I head to the post office in a 2 hours.


Really interested in the 8x Custom Seimitsu PS-14G 30mm Pushbutton. Let me know if they are still available.


Updated the OP for today’s big sales day. Only a few items remaining and I’ve updated with some new news.
The LS-32-01 that I thought I had turns out to be a LS-58-01 and I’m throwing in the last ball top with it at no extra cost.

The HRAP3-SA case is still available and has a solid list of offers (10 deep). I’m going to start moving through the offer list quicker now so that others don’t wait as long.


Final Update, All sold. Thanks to all the buyers and I hope you enjoy your new parts.