WTS: buttons, mounting plates, arcade harnesses, cables, SFIV OST, SSD, more

I have quite a few extra parts, and would like to exchange them for cash! I live on the east coast in the States and I’m willing to ship worldwide. I can (quickly) ship as few or as many of these parts as one would like. I calculate shipping based upon order, and will try to keep the costs down while still keeping the goods secure. And of course, I’ll use delivery confirmation for domestic orders.

I can accept payment by PayPal or money order.

If you have any questions, or would like to see pictures, please just let me know! You can contact me by PM (preferably), or through the thread. Thanks, and cheers.


5x OBSF-30 snap-in buttons (red) – $2.50 each
3x OBSF-30 snap-in buttons (blue) – $2.50 each
2x OBSF-30 snap-in buttons (black/dark hai) – $2.50 each
1x OBSF-30 snap-in button (black) – $2.50 each
1x LB-35 ball-top (black) – $2.50
1x LB-35 ball-top (red) – $2.50
6x JLF-P-1 flat mounting plates – $5.00 each
5x JLF-P-1S S-shaped mounting plates – $5.00 each
4x MS-O-2P joystick microswitches – $2.50 each
3x LL-2 PCB feet (screws not included) – $0.25 each


1x bearing trestle for LS-32 – $2.00


8x 30mm buttons (vermillion) – $20.00 for all 8


I have several arcade machine harnesses, including 2L12B and some others. I am only so familiar with identifying these, though, so please let me know what you need and I can send pictures if I’m not sure that I have what you’re looking for.

Here’s a picture.


1x MAYFLASH stick (only the joystick itself), like new – $5.00
6x HAMMOND 4.7"×1.4"×2.8" ABS project boxes – $3.50 each
?x Broken PSX and PS2 controllers (the cables from which can be used for RJ-45 mods) – $4.00 each
1x Artwork from an original TE that was lightly used and then removed – $5.00
1x USB cable taken from an original Xbox 360 TE – $4.00
1x Street Fighter IV 2CD soundtrack (U.S. version) sealed – $9.00
1x BFG TECH GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB GDDR3 – $25.00
1x MICROSOFT IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0, new – $20.00
1x CORSAIR 2.5" 32GB Nova Series solid state hard drive, new – $70.00
1x MONSTER PlayStation 1/2/3 S-video cable – $9.00
1x generic PlayStation 1/2/3 S-video cable – $5.00
1x SEGA Genesis RF adapter – $3.00
1x NINTENDO Super Nintendo RF adapter – $3.00
1x NINTENDO Nintendo Entertainment System RF adapter – $3.00