WTS-buttons, paewang pcb, tekken hybrid te-s, ps3 stick


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I have 8 black rimmed-clear plunger sanwas I got from another SRK member,never been used asking-26-shipped.

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I have 8 black rimmed-dark hai buttons-pulled from the Etokki Omni-never used-22 shipped.

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I also have a PS3 custom wooden case stick -pcb is a hacked dual shock 3 , has a jlf with blue ball top, and 8 seimitsu screw in buttons (black rim, blue plunger) and detachable cable, and Jinx aluminum feet. Ready for art (currently just has a white piece of paper as a place holder-good project stick and built pretty solid-75 shipped.

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I also have a brand new JLF with white balltop and wire harness-lookin for 20 shipped.

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And this is an interest check- I have a Paewang PCB fully wired for sanwa/seimitsu
I’m not sure I want to let this go but would for 55 shipped
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And last but certainly not least the TE-S for PS3 from the Tekken Hybrid bundle (189 of 1000) only has bout 6 hours of play on it and i opened it up once to put a red slurpee shaft cover and tighten the ball top- Looking for 150 shipped or best offer only shipping in the continental us




27 minutes late! blah haha if sale falls through let me know


TE-S sold to Etalage…will be adding some more items shortly

Interest check- might sell the case to my omni…would come with plexi’s (korean and japanese) but no pcb or buttons… would be lookin for a 100 shipped as its an all metal case. Just trying to have an interest on the is before I put it up. I also have 8 seimitsu clear buttons slightly used 24 shipped for all 8 and 8 dark hai sanwas with black rim buttons lookin for 20 shipped on those…will post pics later today.


Pm’ed about case and buttons.


Payment sent for the Onmi Shell, 8 Seimitsu buttons,4 24mm Sanwa. Thanks.