WTS(Buttons Stick Etokki Converter)

all the Happ buttons and accessories 25 Shipped you can have the Wireless xbox controllers i know people like to mod


Hrap EX PCB 30$ with all the JPN buttons 45$ shipped


All the ball tops together 12$shipped -Gone

Etokki converter SOLD and SFAC Stick(75$)

Are any of those buttons competition style? AKA, convex?

Yeah i have convex and concave ill add more photos later

I have boxes and boxes at home that look just like that. lol. Good luck…!!!

trust me i have more lol

Do you have Sanwa buttons? :open_mouth:

sorry i dont :frowning: only 4 pink seimitsu

what kind of condition are the happ buttons/stick in? they pulls or unused?

Some of them are new.the old ones were never used because they didnt fit into my stick so theres nothing wrong with them

do u have any pre wired pcbs?

i have the PCB from the HORI EX SE thats still working but i think you need to solder the up direction

does it have the turbo PCB and Headset port in tact?

It does actually.

HRAP EX SE never came with Turbo.
Just headset jack.

I thought threads like these weren’t allowed?

im trying to sell this stuff,i dont want to be a jerk and Overprice things

Guide* Sorry bout that

I think when you don’t have an idea of how much you should want to sell items post in this thread

that way the forum isnt flooded in the future with threads like this.
Either way you can always update your first post and title when you have a clearer idea of what your selling and how much you want for it.

Thanks for the Help