WTS Call of Duty Black Ops 1 PC Steam Activation Key, $14.00

I purchased a couple PC keys of Blops 1 for my bro and I so we can play on our PCs, but he had already purchased his earlier today. I can’t get a refund so I’d love for someone to take it off my hands, thanks!

Is it a Steam activation key?

Yes sir. Gamefly is in touch with me and should let me know latest by Tuesday if they’re refunding me. If they don’t, and you’re interested, I’ll gladly sell. Thanks for your interest and patience!

BUMP, couldn’t get a refund, but Gamefly gave me $10 store credit, lol. Anyways key is for sale for sure now!!! Paypal only, thanks!

Bump! Price dropped to $14 for the steam activation key.