WTS: Canon Tokina Fisheye ATX 10-17mm 3.5~4.5

Hey guys I’m looking to upgrade my camera and with that need to get rid of some old gear to make that possible. I have for sale a lightly used Canon 40d SPL Water Housing that has about 5 hours of use on it, the only problem is that the Pistol grip acts up from time to time due to something wrong with the wiring. I talked to Sean about it and he said a new wire is about $100 unless he can fix it without having to do anything except reprogram the wire itself if that’s the case he said he would just charge for shipping. I was going to send it to SPL but I thought I would check here first and try selling it if I do send it back to Sean to fix the new pistol grip/ and or wire it will be reflected with the new price. Here are a few pictures of the housing itself.

I also Have for sale a gently used Tokina Fisheye used with the housing, this lens has less than 500 clicks on it. I’d like to sell them together for $1150 plus shipping within the United States.

If you guys have any questions you can message me here or at my email address Raelteh@gmail.com which would be faster.


awesome fucking lens and awesome price.

Thanks Majin

On a side note I’d always be willing to accept trades as well to take off some money on the price of the lens. I’m interested in getting the Evo monitor
Asus VH236H model preferably with an HDMI cable in perfect working condition new or used as long as their are no dead pixels.

Can you take some detail pics of the lens, just to show that there’s no obv damage, scuffs, etc to the body or the elements?

I’m definitely interested, as long as the lens is in great shape (I’m sure it is, I’m just always wary of buying used gear).

Here are a few close up shots I took, as you can see the lens is flawless and I will also be including the warranty card so you can always get a replacement if anything in the future happens.

Looks awesome! I just got back from PAX and am pretty damn broke right now, but if you’ve still got it after I’ve paid some bills I’ll definitely get in touch with you.

Yea that’s fine let me know I want to get rid of it asap if no one else buys it before hand it’s yours.

Price Drop really want to try and sell this by next week.

Any chance you can reupload the pics or something? They’re all gone.

I want this but I only have an AE-1 =(. Good luck man.

pm sent

You sure I can see them fine anyone else having problems viewing them? ChickenButt if you want I can email you some pics of the lens close up if you want.


Price lowered again, really want to sell this guys.

maybe things have changed but 2 years ago to get the lens was a miracle because it was in such demand.

It really is an amazing lens, I just would rather have the cash. The fish eye effect on this lens is nuts.



will this fit a canon 550d/T2i rebel eos?

It will fit any Canon dslr camera :slight_smile: