WTS: Capcom q25 Arcade cabinet


Working Capcom q25 arcade cabinet Japanese style. It is single player sit down type Super Street Fighter 2 jamma type. Has one key to open monitor hood and front door. Monitor is 25" I think. . Monitor has no burn in. Has little wheels on the backside. Has internal potentiometer for sound as well as buttons for diagnostic modes. I have disconnected the interior coin door so jamma pcbs can be accessed through the front or the back. The nice thing about this cabinet is that it is small yet very spacious inside in comparison to to larger type cabinets. In the past I have stored a dreamcast, mvs, 6 mvs cartridges, and pcbs all inside and still had space for more stuff. I will give you a working Street Fighter 2 turbo pcb and include 6 replacement snap in type sanwa buttons.

Important things to note…

-No key for coin slot
-Glass protector has small scratch in center, not noticeable during gameplay.
-Controls work but could use rewiring. Control panel slides about 4 millimeters on the left and can lead to control disconnect from -the plugs on the panel, this can be remedied easily but I’m not going to fix it.
-The plastic sides have some scratches and marks.
-It also has a deep scratch on the metal control panel. This can be fixed with paint.

I made a youtube video. Showing it in operation.

$500 or best offer
If you want pictures. Contact me.
You will need to come pick it up yourself. I live around Sea World. (San Antonio)

(As listed on craiglist… http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/vgm/1565035569.html)


Will the monitor rotate? I’m at work so no YouTube right now. Mind posting a picture?


I might bite… I’ll send pm tomorrow.


I believe the monitor can be rotated. But I have never tried and I am not certain. I have seen videos of q25 machines with the length of the monitor is traveling vertically. If it can be rotated, it wouldn’t be easy because the monitor is a heavy and awkward shaped in a narrow space. The frame the monitor is inside of is a square shape though and I’d think you would have to unscrew the screen frame rotate it and screw it back in… Sounds simple enough… But it is a heavy object in a tight space…


droools… I need one of these real bad. There seems to be a lack of these kind of cabs in the Northeast.