WTS:Cases, buttons and more! WTB Hacked PS1 pad


All prices are shipped. I am located in San Francisco so I am willing to take a couple of bucks in favor of meeting up locally to make the exchange.

Prehacked PS1 pad, just post up how much you’re looking for. I’ll trade the case below straight up for this.

DIY Happ Case - $20 shipped. (I’m only getting like 5 bucks out of this.)
I purchased this stick off an SRK member a while ago and gave it to my cousin to work on but he quit halfway through. I have no interest in finishing the stick so I am throwing it up here. It has been spackled and partially sanded down. I will also include 8 red competition buttons and a red competition stick but they are missing microswitches.

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/0jimg4364vmj
Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/n0img4365j
Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/muimg4366qj
Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/maimg4374j

16 Stick-on Bumpers - $5
Imageshack - img4388d.jpg

Sold Items

[details=Spoiler]6x White 2x Black OBSF-30 - $15 SHIPPED
Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons - $20
Seimitsu PS-14DNC Buttons -$8
Failed Dual Mod - $40 SHIPPED
PSX A-Series PCB - $10 SHIPPED
Sanwa 5-Pin Wiring Harnes - $3 SHIPPED
Sanwa LB-35 Yellow - $2.50 SHIPPED[/details]


PM’d for failed Dual Mod


PM’d for buttons


PM’d for LB-39


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bump, new items added.


Bump, prices dropped again and another new item added. All this is priced to go!


are the buttons for the happ convex or concave?


They’re convex buttons.


PM’d for the yellow LB-35.


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pm sent


I’ll take the sanwa harness if it’s still available.
PM sent.


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Added a WTB.

Nitewalker, SoberNapkin, and Zamuel your orders will ship tomorrow. Zamuel I’m so sorry for delaying shipping your pcb for so long, things keep popping up but I assure you I will get it out by tomorrow.


New item added and all orders that have been paid for have been shipped.


Can i still buy the case? Also whats wrong with that one leftover screw hole.

Also how many seimitsu button’s are there?


Yo this guy has crazy fast shipping! Cali to Pa in a few days. I definitely wasn’t expecting my package to arrive so quickly.


PM’d on new set of Sanwa


Sorry completely missed this post. If you want the Sanwa case it’s still available. The four screw holes weren’t placed correctly so you can’t use all four when you mount your joystick. I was told this is easily fixed by widening one of the holes but I have no idea how.

xpulse, your order will be shipped tomorrow I have it all packed and ready to go.

nitewalker, thanks for the feedback.