WTS: Case's Custom Cases


Well, Ive completed some sticks and I think I’ve worked out most of the bugs so I think I’m ready for taking orders.
all examples of my work are on my joystickvault page

I can be contacted best by Email

At the moment I will only do Hardwood cases
I can make a majority of common designs, and my dad is a carpenter so I can do keys plugs corners etc…

my flaws include.
-My wiring ability is below average, and I am essentially completely dependent on guides. also the wiring probably won’t look pretty(check the joystick vault link), but it should get the job done. I only have experience with PSX and 360 PCBS. but I’m willing to try for whatever controller I can find a pad hacking guide for (talk to me beforehand).
-my ability to use photoshop is limited at this point.
-Though I can use it a vast majority of the time, I do my work in my dads shop so I won’t be able to use it on some days.

shipping will be $7 using media mail and 15 for priority mail
Blank Hardwood cases will cost $90 + shipping
but that will go up depending on the wood used

complete sticks will cost around $175 + shipping (with sanwa parts and official psx pcb.)

If you want keys or corners or a different shaped case prices will obviously go up.

no slots open at the moment

I am also willing to trade for things.
I currently want
A decent Ipod.
good psx to dreamcast converter.
hackable dreamcast pads.
Arcade parts.
cthulu boards
Useful controllers for pcbs
Stuff needed for light up on activation button mod.


i have a dream cast…would you like to trade for a blank case?


If you need help with the light up activation mod pm me i posted a walkthrough based on kaytrims in the trading outlet searching for his post and youll see. I also have pics of one i did myself as well as a vid on youtube. Hit me up


yeah, ill be sure to talk to you when I get the stuff, do you play melty blood online?

not 1 for 1 since Dreamcast goes for 25 dollars max.


So you can make xbox 360 sticks?


yes I can.


i have 2 n64 controllers (1 official and 1 third party) and a whole bunch of games and accessories pm me if you’re interested and ill put together a full list.


pm sent


hey can you make me a stick out of my hori ex 2 for 360 the virtua fighter 5 stick ill send a pm with more details


yo Shiki, check pm


pm sent


Yo man if you need help with photoshop or if you need someone to do it for you then hit me up with a PM with some chatting ID. I got AIM, Yahoo, and MSN. I’ll help you out.


yo Shiki. i sent you an email and with it is my photoshop file.


Thank you shiki!

yo, shot out to Shiki for a great job on da stick. heres a pic for all ya’ll to see. :woot:
I made the art for it, but everything else was crafted by Shiki.


do you make ps3 sticks?


yes i could.


pm sent, thanks for any reply you can send back :smiley:


PM sent for a spot in line before SF4 hits


Pm sent.


any other way to get in faster contact with you

like aim yahoo phone or anything its for the purple stick thanks