WTS: Castlevanis: SOTN & SF Zero3(jp saturn), PS1 Castlevania Chronicles

Im selling sfz3 for jp saturn as well as Symphony of the Night for jp saturn. I am also selling Castlevania Chronicles for PS1. All games come with instruction book and original cd jewel case. Discs are in good condition. Cases are cracked some and a little worn out, but easily replaced! Keep in mind, zero3 does require a 4mb ram cart(the official capcom 4mb ram cart or the pro action replay 4in1 work). Also, you do need a japanese saturn for the JP games. Or if you got an ST key or PAR 4in1(recommended) to make the console region free. I do have a 4in1 that i might be willing to part with for a price if it means selling the below saturn titles. If price is too high and is not selling, I can be open to make deals!

Castlevania Chronicles (NTSC US PS1: $30
SFZ3 (NTSC Japan Saturn: $45
Castlevania: SOTN (NTSC Japan Saturn): $45

shipping is $5. Continental US only. Paypal only. Shipped via USPS priority

price lowered. willing to make offers