Wts cave story 3ds/ saints row 3 xbox custom painted xbox controller//

.Cave Story 3d for the 3ds $20 plus shipp

saints row the third xbox 360 $25 shi[pped

Custom painted xbox 360 cotroller (pink purple) paint job is b15 quality really shinny and perfectly painted , pad is %100 official wireless xbox 360 pad with colored buttons and sticks, aswell as a purple led for the guide button, lightly used $50 plus shipp

ITEMS SOLD****************************************************************************************
B15 case sold

  1. Hauppauge hd pvr , used a handful of times , comes with box and all cables, software/. $160 shipped. Good for streaming and recording.SOLD
    3.Sanwa JLF+ 5 white sanwa 30mm snap-ins+ 6 violet sanwa 30mm snap-ins (new) 2. dark hai 30mm snap-ins (used) + ccg stick sack (new) $50+ ship (balltop+dustwasher+shaft cover not included)
    ls-32-01 + hollow shaft (new)+ 11 smoke/w clear plungers seimitsu ps-14-kn buttons (new)
    $50 + shipped

astro A40 headset (only)2011 edition white $130 shipped

r2 te shell 45+ SHIPP sSOLD

SE fightstick case -, all sanwa $40 plus shipping , no pcb or turbo panel, balltop/shaft cover
noot includedsold
Box with SANWA buttons (24mm, 30mm,) assorted assorted balltops. Most of this stuff has never even been used.
. Will be selling thew whole box complete not going to brake it up. So if you need a bunch of parts this is a good deal. so it comes out to be 45 buttons, 14 tops, 2 shaft covers $`100 shipped fro everything

ps3 Chutulu pcb brand new $25 -SOLD

xbox 360 fightpad pcb, no guide button , two buttons are cutting in and out , you can still set up a 6 button layout with no problems $25+shipp sOLD

i may be interested in the box of Sanwa buttons/balltops. awaiting accurate description/details =)

^ Same Here, but kasprfoto’s got priority.

replied back =)

some items sold and a jlf trade added

how much does it cost to drill the 2 holes in the back?

astro heaset added

still up for grabs?

Sorry they are sold

item added

That case is hot but not 8 button ;[

Those Astros are normally 200 just for the headset.
I, myself, have the 2011 headset and Mixamp. Worth every penny. Best of luck

you should put the ken art on it, it’ll probably sell faster :stuck_out_tongue:

se stick updated with sanwa parts. B15 stick is now complete for sale

b15 stick now has shipping included


PIC added of se

I’d like to buy that SE stick case if it is still available

Pictures of the A40? Also, what is included, just the headset itself?

pm sent for b15 stick