Wts cave story 3ds/ saints row 3 xbox custom painted xbox controller//

pm’s replied

B15 is still for sale

Wow, bad choice bubb. ed was ready to send money out because he noticed you were online. Way to go. Way to sell. Wait, that’s not what you’re doing cuz no one has bought that b15 beauty. =( Keep your head up ed, many more sticks in the sea…

Why did you back out buy ed1371?
Because not drunk anymore?

I don’t know what is happening. :sad:

buy my bewtiful stick

se sold

b15 is up for sale as complete or just the case

price drop on astro headset , b15 case , sanwa parts added

ls-32-01 with hollow shaft added

any pictures of the bottom of the case? and do you still have the ps360 if so how much for the case and just the board?

B15 sold to Pro One

ps360 pcb added to pack

Would you part out the ps360 pcb?

seimitsu buttons added

price drop on SEIMITSU buttons/LS-32

payment sent for astro a40 + mix amp

astro’s sold

pcb no longer available. price drop on stick bag

I can not believe nobody wants the siemetsu parts, is my asking price to high? I thought it was a good deal for 11 $4 buttons and a hollow shat ls-32-01

I’m interested in the siemetsu 11 buttons and ls-32-01. does the price include shipping? if not, how much is shipping to 92683?