WTS: CHEAP Games and Playstation 1/2 and Xbox 360 Sticks! UPDATED WITH NEW STUFF!


Cleaning out my closet of sticks I don’t use anymore that are taking up too much space.

Group pic: http://i.imgur.com/6zETmH1.jpg
Close up pictures of the HRAP EX SE and Neo Geo Stick PS2 stick: http://imgur.com/a/Olv5v

  • Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA for Xbox 360. All Sanwa parts. $100

  • Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 modded with All Sanwa parts and two Sanwa button plugs for proper Astro City layout. Yellowed plastic. $100

  • Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu button modded Hori Fighting Stick SS with PS1 digital pad PCB. JLF with octagonal gate. Seimitsu buttons. Came with the modders (urth?) own busty anime school girl art with a sword and blood. Art should be easy to swap out. $80

  • PS2 Neo Geo stick Mai Shiranui edition. Missing a foot from opening it to see if I could mod it years ago. Still works. I will include two sets of new feet if you purchase. $25

  • Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE for Xboth 360. Lightly used with all Seimitsu parts. SOLD!

Games $5 each unless otherwise stated. Buy 4 get 1 game free (cheapest one is free). Buyer pays shipping for free game of course.

New stuff:
Castlevania Symphony of the Night Greatest Hits $35
Tales of Phantasia GBA w/ box
Saiyuki: Journey to the West PS1
Dragon Quest VIII PS2 $5

Deus Ex: Invisible War PC New and Sealed $5
Final Fantasy I and II GBA with box

Final Fantasy IX PS1

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection PS2
Neo Geo Battle Colosseum PS2
Final Fantasy XII PS2
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness PS2
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories PS2
Tekken 5 PS2 $2
Nightmare of Druaga PS2

Odin Sphere PS2
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou vs the Soulless Army
Suikoden V PS2 $30

Jade Empire Xbox
Gun Valkyrie Xbox
Star Wars: KOTOR II Xbox
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition Xbox

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Xbox 360 $2
WarTech Senko No Ronde Xbox 360
Vanquish Xbox 360

Shipping to the CONUS is $30 per stick
Games: $5 for 1 to CONUS, $6 for 2. More games, PM me.


Is that Mai stick any good or just a collector item?


Well you can play shmups, Neo-Geo, and old arcade games with it. It’s not nearly as good as the old Neo Geo console sticks that had a non-rotary Seimitsu LS-30 sticks and Seimitsu buttons. This one uses knockoff parts (I opened it and checked years ago) so mainly a collectible.


Added more sticks. Pics will come tomorrow.


Added pics


Price drop!


More pics added.


Price drop and shipping changed!


Price drop!




Price drop!



that ex:se should be gone already


Is the HRAP 3 SE still available?


Yes it is!




Any more pics on that busty anime stick?


is the ex:se still available?


I’ll post some tonight or tomorrow morning.

Yep. PM me if you want it.


Big price drops for the holiday season! Somebody buy these!